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Frequently asked

How can your product design studio help my startup?

CreativeKarmas is your launchpad to startup success. We're not just a design company; we're your dedicated partner from pre-seed to Series D and beyond. Our team delivers custom-tailored design services aligned with your business objectives. With a deep understanding of early-stage startups, we prioritize agility and flexibility to bring your vision to life efficiently. Let's create something amazing together and take your startup to new heights!

Is your service portfolio limited to digital product design only?

At CreativeKarmas, our primary focus is to drive innovation and deliver creative solutions. We excel in various design services, including web design, UI/UX design, mobile app design, branding, and e-commerce design. We also offer development services, covering AI, ML, Blockchain, software development, CMS, back-end, front-end, and web development. In addition, we provide expert marketing services, encompassing SEO, content marketing, pitch deck design, and conversion rate optimization. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business objectives. Our versatile team, featuring UX strategists, graphic designers, UX/UI specialists, and Web developers, is fully equipped to boost your startup's success, focusing on branding, web development, ongoing support, and more, tailored to your unique requirements.

What's the typical duration of the complete design process?

The duration of the design process can be quite flexible, ranging from a few weeks for certain services like UI/UX design and brand identity, to several months or more for comprehensive digital product design. The timeline depends on the intricacy of your project and our collaborative, iterative approach to meeting your goals. Feel free to connect with us to discuss your unique project needs, and we'll provide you with a tailored estimation of both the time and budget required.

What are the pricing details for your digital product design services?

At CreativeKarmas, we offer tailored pricing based on the uniqueness of each project. Our digital product design services start at a minimum engagement of $20k, while other services like UX/UI design, branding, website design, and motion graphics typically begin at $5k. We prioritize transparent and fair pricing, ensuring that your investment aligns seamlessly with your specific project requirements and objectives.

How can I be certain that my design will be delivered on schedule?

We understand the significance of timely delivery and are dedicated to meeting our client's deadlines. CreativeKarmas maintains a track record of delivering high-quality designs punctually, employing advanced project management tools for seamless coordination. Furthermore, we prioritize transparent communication, providing clients with regular updates to ensure alignment at every step of the process.


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